How many C4 envelopes will I need when starting a small business?

08/02/2013 13:23

C4 envelopes are designed to fit A4 papers without folding. They have a size of 12.8” by 9.0”. This means that the envelope is very good for packaging sensitive A4 documents that should not be folded. This could be important letters, reports, licences, or anything that one deems inappropriate to fold. It also means that the envelope can package many A4 papers at the same time. The envelope can also be used for mailing or confining A3 papers, for this, one has to fold the paper once across the middle. The envelopes are made from paper with a grade slightly thicker than the normal paper.

When starting a business, it is important to realise that communication is a must for any business. What one needs to find out is what kinds of communication are to transpire during the course of the business, and the frequency of communication. Some communication instances will involve direct one on one dialogue with workers, customers, suppliers, servicemen, or the authorities. Some communication will also be over the phone and some via mail.

Communication via mail will mostly necessitate the use of envelopes. To know how many C4 envelopes to buy and stock up, one will need to further predict or estimate how much of the communication will be via mail. From the communication via mail, one will also need to approximate how many of the envelopes will need to be C4 envelopes. Some mail will be put into envelopes of other sizes.

 Apart from sending mail, the C4 envelopes can be used for simply organising and storing documents. Many similar or related documents may be stored and confined in one envelope. This will help in improving the organisation that will in turn make it easy to locate documents and make the working area tidy. This will also protect the documents from external hazards. The hazards include document theft, exposure of content to wrong people, alteration of records, and many more. The envelope will also give protection from other hazards such as moisture, and tear.

When starting a business however, it is important to also do things in moderation. If one is not sure how much they will use C4 envelopes when their business is fully operational, they can first buy just a few that will be used in the near future. Buying small quantities is however not very good since one cannot then enjoy the many benefits of buying things in bulk.