How can I decorate my plastic mailing bags for Christmas?

02/01/2013 12:10

During the holiday season, a lot of mail is sent across the world, some is sent across continents, some across countries and some to people within the country. It has been man’s tradition for centuries to send loved one’s gifts and seasonal greeting cards at this time of the year. The ways of sending items has become more advanced with time with packaging particularly being improved greatly. In the early days people used naturally available materials to package their mail items. Some of the favoured packaging means included baskets of reed, woven bags and wooden barrels. Today with the advancement in technology, polyethylene material is used to make plastic mailing bags that are more efficient.

When Christmas time comes, plastic mailing bags are in huge demand since almost everybody would want to use the best bags to package gifts to loved ones, workmates, spouses, former schoolmates or workmates, and friends. The plastic mailbags are especially favoured for the way they preserve the contents inside. The plastic bags are tear free and will not expose the contents inside, they are puncture resistant and they are water proof and airtight (a condition that helps to conserve even foodstuffs). Some of the bags, the jiffy bags, are made with added air cushioning to further protect the contents inside. Some of these bags also have a metallic foil that helps protect electronic items from magnetic or electronic charges.

Plastic mailing bags have a shiny attractive surface that is supplied in many beautiful colours. The aesthetic nature of these bags makes them a favourite above the plain brown or white colours of the erstwhile packaging. The printable nature of the plastic surface also allows for the printing of any kinds of patterns, writing or images. The printing of mailing bags is usually done by the suppliers on order. Many companies that buy mailing bags will order for the bags and instruct on the kind of decorations they would prefer on the mailing bags. Companies often order for the printing of their logos or trademarks on the bags and use this as another advertising means.

Personally when sending gifts to one’s own friends or relatives, one can decorate the bags using felt pens and markers that have ink that will stick fast. Attractive patterns can be drawn on the surface and one could use different ink colours to make it more attractive. With the pens one could even write messages on plastic mailing bags.