Have We Gone Bacon Mad?

14/06/2013 15:57


The title is a fun play of words; and, indeed, it is a very appropriate one. There are but a few individuals who do not like the taste of bacon. It is tasty, succulent, flavorful, and just plain delightful! It is not only the sheer taste of bacon that we love; as a matter of fact, the smell itself is already very intoxicating. Indeed, some can say that there is the so-called bacon madness in much of the Western world.

Why the term ‘bacon madness?’ Once you get to see bacon-inspired products, you will easily understand why this preference. There are lollipops and all kinds of candies which are bacon-flavored, there are cakes with bacon strips, and there are even lip balms which smell and taste like bacon. Even this is not madness, then I do not know what is. Perhaps, the most bizarre of all is the bacon-flavored diet coke. Well, in this world filled with surprises, the bizarre is the new normal.

But, why do we love bacon so much? Again, it is in the sheer taste of the food. It has an intoxicating aroma that many argue is actually unparalleled in the food world. Of course, there might be more delicious types of food out there; but none of them have the perfect smell, taste, and succulence combination of the most-loved bacon.