Hair Dressers Graphic Design

09/01/2013 13:06

Most industries that want the consumer to spend money with them are highly competitive, all lobbying for the consumers time and attention and one of these many industries is hair dressers and barbers. Small independent shops and chains have their own selection of stationary and cards, some of which are impeccably designed.

Fast Eddie's Barber Shop by Richie Stewart

Images from spoongraphics

This collection of printed materials is exactly what you'd expect to find from a barber shop, a price list, ticket, business card, comment/note paper and branding decoration for their products. This particular barber has take a vintage style simplicity to all of its graphics. The simple black and white imagery and typography is very basic and most of the text has an old fashioned style about it. All of the typography is easily readable and all is coherent across the title and small print. The background of the paper is a slightly dirty looking to reinforce the vintage style.

Pinkie Couture for Haute Hair by Será Será

For the most part these leaflet and business card designs are focused on typography and simple images. The vibrant pink colour contrasts nicely with the simple cream coloured font and the same with the inverse. The simple shapes of the stylist scissors and comb are repeated and their simplicity alongside the great range of fonts increases the consumers understanding as to what the company does. The slightly more complex and modern image combined with the simple style of design shown throughout makes it more eyecatching.