Gift identification

29/11/2012 14:37

When you take part in a big family Christmas, which gift is for who becomes a dilemma. One that can usually only be fixed by opening it. This is why the tradition of gift tags has been kept for such a long time and it cannot be disputed that it is important. As gift wrapping trends have changed however people have become more experimental with their wrapping and use of labels and to keep things interesting here are some ideas for you to keep your gift wrapping looking beautiful.

Stamps are great, if you own letter stamps or names of the family members you need to, they can look really effective on your gift. The option to add embossing ink and glitter can make any gift more exciting and the recipient will know it was meant for them. If however you don’t own the correct stamps to do this and you don’t have the time to go out and purchase them then why not use old corks and a craft knife to create the letters you want. Alternatively if you cannot find enough corks, potatoes work just the same.

Cutting out letters from old Christmas cards or wrapping paper sounds a lot trickier than it needs to be. A set of alphabet stencils from your local craft or toy store are cheap and easy to use to cut out the letters you want. Once you have wrapped your gift just stick them on and you’re good to go. If you’re using plain wrapping paper you could use the stencils to draw on the letters with permanent marker or a decorative pen.
If you prefer the traditional label then have a look online for printable one’s - there is a huge selection of designs available across the web.