Fun things to do after using your removal boxes

29/03/2012 11:13


It’s usually a waste to throw something away after using it once, especially when there are alternatives to your used boxes. Your creativity may be stuck for a moment, but we’re here to inspire some thought. Recycling has been the motto for the 21st century, and it is true, so now it’s time to discover some fun, simple ways to reuse your removal boxes.


For starters, if you find yourself with an overload of boxes, feel free to break them down, fold them up, and recycle them -- or you can easily break them down and fold them up and save them for later. If you have larger items like a TV or computer, it’s easy to save the box it arrived in, in case you’ll need to transport it later, then you’ll have the perfect fit box already in your storage.


Maybe you have kids or know someone who does, so if you do, why not collect some of your boxes and paint them and build them into a little fortress or play house for the kids. You can make an arts and craft afternoon with the kids and create their own little hideaway.


There’s also room for the animals, if you have house pets like cats or dogs, you can make the boxes into little nests and houses for the animals to sleep in. You’ll have to carve out a wall or door for the animal and plant a little comfy bed for them inside and show them to their new home inside your home.


You can be creative and cut out small shapes and designs and paint them attractive colours and then hang them or stick them on the walls around the house or your office. It’s a great idea for children’s room, they can cut out their own stars and paint them bright colours and stick them around their room.


Being creative doesn’t always have to seem like a challenge, it just takes a simple thought to inspire many new ideas. There’s a lot you can do with a box, no matter the shape or size, you just have to think outside the box, in a sense. So have fun with your hands and create something for you and for others to share. Don’t simply waste your removal boxes; find fun and creative ways to reuse them! And always remember, it’s better to recycle and reuse whatever you can!