Expect the unexpected

08/02/2013 13:17

Ice lollies and other cold products are not at their most popular at this time of year, unless of course you’re in Australia. This popular Australian ice lolly brand has brought out some surprising new packaging! The legendary rock band Kiss are going on tour again this year and to celebrate, Peters ice cream have brought back the classic Thunderbolt ice lolly.

Images from Packaging of the World

The iconic Kiss logo has been used as a theme for the entire of the packaging, with the background and text colours reflecting the logo’s colours. The band members have also been included on the front of the packaging in their iconic dress, hair and makeup style.


This combined with the use of each band members own trademark and signature on the side of the box creates a sense that in buying this product you are creating a further connection with the band as a whole and the products themselves are luxurious and special in comparison to ordinary alternatives without limited edition packaging. The bands tour dates have also been included down the side which gives the product even more of a rock and roll feel to it. The final addition to the packaging that makes it special, collectable and luxurious is the banner across the top which reads ‘40th anniversary limited edition’. This packaging design isn’t something that is likely to happen again.