Eroski nappies and pull ups.

22/01/2013 15:00

Despite the fact that products bought for young children or babies is purchased by adults, the packaging design is still created to appeal to children. This is because often when adults purchase for children they buy things they like to think that their child would like, innocent imagery such as images of ducks and cows. This packaging has been split into two different sections of the range. One section is for young babies, despite the lack of their involvement when it comes to purchasing the packaging still seems to want to appeal to them. The reflective plastic of the packaging makes it quite robust, which is needed in a small child environment.

01 18 13 eroski 2

Images from the die line

The animals on the packaging have a dotten line around them which suggests that they can be cut out and used for another purpose. This gives the consumer the idea that this packaging can be repurposed and their child would enjoy them further.  The pale blue/green background is not overly masculine or feminie just quite delicate much like a small child would be. This prevents alienation of either parent purchasing the product or the child themselves. 


01 18 13 eroski 4

The second section of the product range is for toddlers who have out grown the 'baby' stage slightly, making the packages different colours and patterns makes it look quite cheerful and happy whilst it not being quite as childish as the previous 'baby' range. The images of the children are used to give them a sense of identity. This identity is formed more as they grow older and so it makes sense that that range, for toddlers, has more of an 'identity' about it. Both ranges have clear elements to each product in the range making them easier to identify in the supermarket and therefore easier for a parent in a rush to pick up the correct size.