Envelopes Can Come In Many Sizes to Suit Your Needs

22/04/2013 13:54

Human beings are creatures that love variety. It is said that variety is the spice of life. This statement may seem to be inclined towards recreation and entertainment but it actually revolves around all of man’s activities. Man needs variety in all his endeavours so as to have the desire to trudge on. Variety brings about adventure; it brings about new challenges and also creates hope. If everything was the same day in day out, life would be so boring and we would not have anything to live for. We inject this idea of variety even in work. We have a wide variety of choices to make regarding a lot of things including minor things such as what kind of envelope to use for different purposes.

Envelopes are used widely for storage and for packaging of flat materials. They have been used for many decades now and have proved to be invaluable due to their convenience and their efficiency. There are several type of envelopes that have been designed. The different designs are supposed to help in the packaging of: different kinds of documents, documents of different sizes, documents of different thickness, and documents of different quality. Some of the envelopes are also made for different kinds of occasions.

The envelope that is used the most is the commercial envelope. It has a size ranging from 3.5” by 6” by 11.5”. These envelopes are usually used to send documents such as invoices, cheques, bills, and formal and informal letters. There is also the catalogue envelope that has a size of 6” by 9” the suggested enclosure size is 5.75” by 8.75” but this size varies depending on the insert thickness. These envelopes are designed with a centre seam that makes them stronger to package heavier materials such as catalogues and booklets.

We also have the booklet envelopes that have a side seam. They have a size of 4.75” by 6.5” with an enclosure size of 4.5” by 6” that varies depending on the insert thickness. These envelopes are ideal for annual reports, sales materials and brochures. There is another type of envelope known as the baronial envelope. It has a deep triangular flap and the envelope has diagonal seams. The envelope was traditionally used to mail business announcements, to send greeting cards and to send invitations. There are many kinds of baronial envelopes each with a different size; the professional baronial envelope has a size of 2.125” by 3.625”.

There are many other kinds of envelopes in the market and one can even make their own custom made envelopes. The aim is to usually get an envelopes that will best package your material and give optimum protection.