Decoration for your gift wrapping

29/11/2012 14:14

The seasonal holidays are almost upon us, in less than a week December will be here and the time for gift wrapping will have begun in earnest. Everyone wants their Christmas gifts to stand out when surrounded by everyone else’s and it is quite simple to make your gift wrapping special and unique without have to spend hours prepping.

Adding decoration to your gift sounds far more complex than it is. If you have some small decorations that you no longer use when decorating the house, or perhaps some of the small decorations that you find on seasonal products left-over from last year (like the small bells your find on the chocolate reindeer) they can be perfect. Tying on a little decoration alongside a nice ribbon bow only takes a few seconds ad it can make a huge difference in appearance.

Other idea’s for little decorations could be that you use some twine or ribbon to tie a candy cane to your wrapped gift - a symbol of Christmas recognised everywhere the candy cane is a perfect addition and can be hung on the tree.

Continuing the edible theme, making cookies with coloured sweet sections or decorated gingerbread men make excellent home decorations so why not tie them to your gift. Additions like that not only make it look wonderful but also add another element to your gift for the recipient to enjoy.

Nice packaging for christmas

Source: Heather Bullard

Don’t forget about nature this time of year too, even tho most of the tree and plants are inactive over the winter, things like sprigs of evergreen leaves, holly leaves, pine cones and mistletoe all make wonderful seasonal decoration.