Cupcake Packaging

18/10/2012 15:13

The cupcake industry is huge and with so many great tasting competitors on the market the only way to really stand out is through packaging. If the product looks good before you've even seen whats inside then it'll be a a hit with consumers.

Cellophane bags and plastic cups are excellent if you have stunning cupcakes. Ensure they are carefully wrapped so as not to spoil the decoration. If racy cupcake cases, beautiful decoration and a fancy ribbon and label or two are your thing then cellophane bags are the way to go.

Cellophane however is not recyclable and any plastic components you use are not good for the environment. With that in mind the cardboard box could be the perfect solution. With thousands of potential designs and an easily customaisable surface, the environmentally friendly packaging is super cute too. Not to mention the added element of satisfaction when opening the container to find a beautiful cupcake inside.

Pictures sources from Pinterest