Correctly Label Your Removal Boxes to Make Your Move More Organised

29/05/2013 11:46

Moving house is something that many people dread. Apart from the fact that not many people appreciate change, the whole process is tedious and can be overwhelming especially if one has a lot of household stuff. The main issue is normally packing the items and the approach one has to follow. One can easily get demoralized when they see the many tiny things around the house that will need to be packed. Packaging is also another issue; how are the many different objects going to be packed? What is one going to use and where will they get them from? Removal boxes are usually the best solution for moving house. This is due to the many advantages and benefits they have.

The removal boxes are easily available. One can get many removal boxes from the retail stores where they are sold at very low prices or even given away for free. Here one can also get boxes of different size which is a crucial thing when it comes to packing items of different sizes and weight. The boxes are also preferred since they are strong enough to be able to hold items securely and give much needed protection from damage that may be caused by outside forces such as scratches, shock and will even provide security.


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Once one has acquired several removal boxes of different sizes, then one is ready to begin packing. The first step is to plan how to pack. The best approach for packing when moving house is to pack items room by room starting with the rooms that are secondary to the daily activities i.e. rooms that do not offer basic daily functionality e.g. library, play rooms etc. The last rooms should probably be the bedroom and kitchen.

When packing, each removal box should be labelled. The labelling should indicate what the contents are in detail and it should also indicate from which room the contents have been taken. The labelling is very important because it helps when it comes to knowing where each box will go to in the new house. It will also help those who are helping in moving to know the fragile and the hardy items. It will also help in knowing how the boxes will be stacked in the moving vehicle. Hardy items are put at the bottom and the fragile items at the top to avoid them being crushed.