13/11/2012 11:51

Coca-Cola  or 'Coke' as it is affectionately known, has some of the most iconic packaging in the world. The progression of coke bottles from the different glass shapes to the modern plastic ones as well as the red and silver cans is highly recognisable and well loved. Coke has brought out a huge range of special edition packaging over the years and some of the most recent have been designed by graphic design and packaging company, Turner Duckworth.


Most recently they have brought out a simple aluminium bottle, with the large iconic logo and a lot of white (or red) space. The bottle shape is similar to that of the older glass ones and plays on the idea of the 'Coke' brand heavily.

They have re-designed their take-out cups for fast food chains that stock their products. The simplicity of the re-design again shows their return to the traditional 'Coke' brand identity.

Coke zero is the masculine version of Diet Coke. The idea of a 'diet' product doesn't appeal to men, however Coke Zero with its black theme does.

The entire line of Diet Coke products have had a re-design ready for autumn this year. The cans in particular focus upon the most recognisable elements of the product, the D and the K.
All photo's sourced from the Turner Duckworth website.