Clever "Pop Up Popcorn" Packaging Concept

02/11/2011 09:37

Designers are always looksing for new packaging concepts to make their product stand out on the shelves and give it a unique selling point, and a designer who has recently acheived this is Anni Nykänen, when she designed a new way of packaging popcorn. The design encorporates a way of folding the packet to provide a serving dish, and takes its inspiration from origami folding. 

This packaging encorporates all the essential elements it need to be practical, but also fun and asthetically pleasing. This is important to look into when designing packaging for your business's products; your customers needs must be fulfilled while also making your product attractive. Pop-up Popcorn is easily stackable and takes up little space, but still provides room for a substantial portion of popcorn, and folds out into a larger cup shape. This makes the product very convinient for home storage and portability. 

The designer is part of Packlab and you can explore their website to find more of their latest innovations.