Cardboard Packaging

14/11/2012 13:29

The wonders of cardboard packaging never cease to amaze me, the inventive packaging methods and design ideas around at the moment are to be admired.


Source: Designspiration

Take away beer packaging that could also be used for coffee. How to carry more than two take away cups when you only have two hands for the job is a dilemma as old as the takeaway cup itself. This great cardboard creation is one of many solutions out there but it's real advantage is that it can stay flat packed until needed.

lamp cardboard packaging

Source: igreen spot

Reducing the environmental impact of an energy saving lightbulb is an excellent idea, bring down the entire products carbon footprint. The packaging design is also incredibly clever and doesn't require any fastenings or glue.

Cardboard Packaging

Source: Lure Design Inc

Any form of glass bottle particularly one that contains alcohol needs to be well protected. Using double corrugated cardboard and a well structured design keeps this bottle well protected but also far more environmentally friendly. It is designed to have two opened sides and not to fall out, negating the need for any clear plastic.