Cardboard Boxes - the cheapest pet toys

01/05/2012 11:34


Cardboard boxes have many uses you just have to think outside the box, pardon the pun. Yes, they are fantastic storage and postage and packaging but they also are fantastic and cheap pet toys. They are cheap, safe and their uses are limitless.


A few years ago, I discovered just how useful a few boxes are. My brother’s hamster had just died and we decided to buy another one to replace it. We went to Pets at Home in Southport and went to the adoption section. There were two adorable Russian dwarf hamsters curled up in a log tunnel. We couldn’t resist them and so asked if we could adopt them.


The sales assistant lifted up the tunnel and slightly shook it, to reveal two more hamsters. He explained to us that as they were all related being mother, brothers and sisters, we had to adopt all of them. With slight hesitation we agreed. Lets be honest, how much trouble could four tiny hamsters be?


Apparently a lot! Despite them all being related they multiplied and interbred and we ended up with twelve Russian dwarf hamsters all in separate wired cages and all being changed every day. It was frustrating to say the least especially when pet toys, food and bedding was so expensive.


After consulting the internet, I discovered that cardboard boxes were in fact desirable by most small animals. They are cheap, easily replaced and safe. They can be made into bedding by shredding it into tiny pieces. They can be made into cosy nests which the animals will rearrange themselves. They can also be transformed into exciting mazes with a bit of masking tape and even be used for boredom, as often I found my pets chewing their way through the boxes to make tunnels. The use of cardboard boxes is limitless. Save yourself a lot of money by recycling your old cardboard boxes and reuse them today.


Article by Hazel Miller