Cardboard Boxes Can Allow Your Kids To Create Their Own Robot Wars

06/10/2011 10:41 There are many ways your kids can get creative, have fun and tire themselves out! Although they may beg you for the latest console or DVD, you can have lots of fun without such luxuries. Next time you splash out on a home appliance or anything that comes in a large package, keep it for creative play. Cardboard boxes are fantastic for creative play time and give your kids the chance to have their own Robot Wars tournaments. Robot Wars has been a popular entertainment program for years and joins together inventive and creative minds with the rough and tumble fun of childhood. With just some old boxes, glue and scissors you and your kids can soon create your own aggressive robot ready to compete against your other family members. With two robots built you can begin your tournament, have hours of fun and because they’re homemade you don’t have to worry about wasting money if they get damaged! Fun doesn’t always have to be linked to electronics, computers and television. You can enjoy the simple pleasures of your kid’s laughter, help them learn about competition and replicate the real life Robot Wars in your living room. Your kids get to explore their creative side before beginning “the fight” and this is really great for their learning and development in the long run. Cardboard boxes are an excellent resource for creative play. If you and your kids are having a lazy weekend at home or the rain’s pouring down, settle down and create your very own Robot Wars tournament.