Captain John Cheese

27/03/2013 17:12

Over the years cheese packaging has been rather un-inspirational on the whole. The only notable examples of attractive cheese packaging is wooden boxes sometimes containing french soft cheese and the classic wax casing. This new student design has an exciting functional element to its packaging. The packaging is made up of a wooden base with a glass jar which means it is made from high quality materials, giving it the chance to be re-used for re-purposed once the product its self has been finished. The label also has a high quality finish with on trend and attractive typography that has an entirely modern style not seen in the cheese industry before.

Image from Packaging of the World

The most interesting element to this packaging is that it also functions as a utensil for slicing the cheese at a constant thickness. The propeller style slicer is easy to use and cuts your cheese easily and at the same thickness.
Adding a functional and highly useful element to packaging can in some ways be limiting but in this case it will most likely appeal to more consumers than it will put off. It can give a consistent and attractive standard of cutting suitable for a professional standard of serving cheese.
The theme of the propeller and the 'captain John' is also great and gives the packaging a sense of character and likeability.