Bubble wrap- time to distress / origami and another ways of distressing

03/05/2012 11:40



We live in an age were time just isn’t enough. People are constantly rushing around and have no time to stop and reflect. Work is normally a major contributing factor but in this economic climate, so is the continuous search for employment. The majority of young adults in the UK are stressed but do not have any outlet for it. Bubble wrap is a effective method of stress relief but there are others to explore.


Stress is a major health issue, with thousands of people in and around the UK taking time off work due to stress related illness. It can cause lack of concentration, emotional problems including being irritable and snappy as well as being life threatening as it can lead to heart attacks.


There are a number of methods of dealing with stress but sometimes these are great in theory but not always a reality. One of the obvious ones of course is to try and relax by taking a long walk or having a power nap but again these are not favourable to some people. One method which has been recommended is through origami.


Origami has many health benefits and is taught to young children and the older generation traditionally in Japan but it can be used by anyone. It involves the folding of coloured paper to make beautiful elegant objects such as a crane or a basket. Due to the amount of concentration needed it stimulates the brain and has calming effects. You can learn origami yourself online, following step by step guides or in some parts of the UK, there are origami workshops and classes. It can be a private and highly beneficial method of stress relief.


If bubble wra p doesn’t work for you, why not try something different to tackle stress before everything gets too much. Take a deep breath and relax because tomorrow is another day.


Article By Hazel Miller