Bubble wrap rolls can be a low cost solution for packaging protection

31/01/2013 14:45

Packaging can be described as the arranging or placing of items in a container for the purpose of transportation, storage or protection. When packing items for transportation, it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of damages been inflicted on the packed items. Damage may come due to several reasons; when in transit, items will move about in the packaging and may bump into each other or against hard surfaces and this may cause damage, severe external forces will also cause damage, and the items on transit could also be grated against rough or tough materials damaging the items. Weather is also another cause of damage; wetness is especially harmful to many objects. Therefore when packing items for transit, it is important to include some protective material, a good low cost solution for packaging protection is bubble wrap rolls.

The invention of bubble wrap came about quite accidentally. In 1960 Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were trying to create textured wallpaper by capturing air between two layers of thin plastic when they realised the air bubbles could be used as a protective cushion. They then formed the company Sealed air which produced the bubble wraps commercially. The design of the bubble wrap makes it one of the best packaging protections. The air bubbles make a good cushion that will buffer any shock preventing it from getting to the packed items and possibly causing damage. The material will also give some abrasion protection from external rough forces.

Bubble wrap rolls are made from cheap polyethylene that is readily recycled. Polyethylene is a cheap material that is easily available. It is tough and will last long. The material can be recycled several times making it very available and cheap. The production of the bubble wrap is also inexpensive since not many raw materials are required for the entire process, the process is also not complicated and the bubble wrap producing factories can spew forth many rolls in a day. This works to make bubble wraps all the more cheaper since the higher the availability of an item, the cheaper it is on the market.

To get a better, cheaper deal, it is advisable to buy the bubble wrap in bulk. When one buys many rolls of bubble wrap as compared to a few pieces, the seller is likely to give generous discounts. Also one can save more due to the economies of scale, for example, if you buy many Bubble wrap rolls you will only make only one trip to the wholesaler rather than making many trips which will cost more.