Box Packaging

16/11/2012 13:08

Your products packaging needs to look great, show your brands identity and inform your consumer what lies within. Something often forgotten about however, in our search for beautiful and creative brand packaging, is that it also needs to be shipped. Whatever packaging you create needs to be able to fit into your outer packaging supplies, bubble wrap, mailing bags, cardboard boxes. It needs to be simple to pack up and send so the consumer gets it as fast as possible. There is nothing wrong with packaging your products in a simple box. Boxes can be pretty and functional and are easily packaged.

mesh fruit packaging material + kraft box

Source: Jolie Jolie Design

These boxes are simple, cheap and easy to assemble and with a few minutes worth of decorating time they can look fab. Tie a ribbon around them, attach a label, a sticker, some washi tape or rubber stamp it. Whatever you do keep it simple and pretty and make sure it’s shippable. If the box is a little too big for your item, or you have items of varying shapes and sizes, use corrugated card, brown or tissue paper inside to bulk it out and keep your product safe.