Biscuits and bars packaging

28/02/2013 11:27

Whether they be breakfast bars, chocolate bars, biscuit bars or any other manner of delicious treats, our first contact with them comes in the form of the packaging. Having good, exciting and enticing packaging can be what sells a product to a consumer just as much as the price and it gives the products its self a certain persona. There has been an influx of packaging re-designs and new products on the market which all look yummy and here are just a few.

Images from the Die Line

This organic, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO bar packaging from gomacro is very down to earth (I'm not entirley sure what it can have in it other than cherries and berries as it seems to be non-everything-else-ever but its probably yummy...) The shape of the design changes depending on the main flavour (for example shaped like a banana instead of a cherry) and the shape is made up of an interesting set of hand drawn shapes which all have connotations of nature and goodnes. The main bulk of the packaging is quite simple, the plain cream background makes it feel earthy and friendsly while the use of colours related to flavour and a simple typography selection gives the impression that it is good honest food.


Now I really don't know what a yoghurt popcorn bar is but it sounds delicious and it certainly looks that way thanks to the handy clear section to save the consumer feeling confused and affraid. It is a little difficult to spot on there but there is also a little stamp style decoration that clarifies this bar is a source of wholegrain and that just adds to the packaging ensemble suggesting healthy goodness. The flavour dependant colours are also vibrant and jump out at the consumer without seeming unnatural or suggesting that the product might not be as good as it first seems. The good for you factor is hardwired into the packaging design. The simple and cutely uneven typography looks friendly and attractive and the whole packaging ensemble is simple and nice. The different colours give it great shelf appeal too. It appears that shelf appeal is a highly looked at point of the packaging design when it comes to the current market and the competition is getting feirce. Stay tuned for more excellent packaging designs and what we think of them.