B&B Studio

03/01/2013 16:08

A small English design company, B&B studio has created some fresh and inspirational designs.

Images from B&B

Firefly is a natural drinks company who's focus is on honest goodness, B&B took their packaging into the realms of vintage, reminding consumers of times where all intentions were innocent and honest. The images themselves are all black and white aside from the bright coloured fruit. Combined with the bright colour of the bottle it could be a bit too much colour making a distraction

Another popular fruit juice company has also had it's packaging designed by B&B packaging. Innocent are known for re-inventing the smoothie and making it popular again by doing things differently. This is exactly what B&B have done with this packaging, the plastic bottle is totally different from the usual cartons used by juice manufacturers, it looks like an attractive pouring jug especially when combined with its cool, brightly coloured screwcap which adds a sense of good quality to the bottle. The label is in keeping with the branding on innocents other products. The fruit imagery alongside the basic typography in bright colours with a white background.