Alcohol packaging in the spirit of that Friday feeling.

22/02/2013 14:20

It’s Friday again, yes I know it happens every week but it’s still a surprise when it comes around again. As a packaging fiend it is highly appropriate that fridays are celebrated with some alcohol packaging to get us into that happy place.

Mocambo Rum (Mexico). Exotic. PD

Images from Pinterest

Rum always reminds me of hot places and exotic landscapes and this packaging ticks all those boxes and more, the amber liquid on the inside, combined with the golden decoration on the outside makes it appear like lava. Exotic and hot, the perfect combination for some weekend alcohol packaging.


Pink Gin. Awesome IMPDO

Gin is often stereotyped as a woman's drink and while this isn’t necessarily true, this  packaging design doesn’t do much to that effect. The glass bottle has been left clear to show the pink liquid through it, as we all know pink is also a female stereotype. The label is decorated with gold and has a background of a pale turquoise colour which too is quite feminine.

On a side note, this packaging doesn’t look at all like it contains alcohol, nor does it look like it contains pandas, it doesn’t appear very adult or sophisticated as most examples of alcohol packaging do. There is however a certain charm about it in its childishness that could attract even the most responsible adult.