5 Versatile Uses For The Common Envelope

14/06/2013 15:06


Ubiquitous as they are, few appreciate just how useful envelopes really are. The common envelope be it in the C5, C4, C3 or any other size, still remains the most trusted object for stashing documents for postage or even for a short distance commute. Whenever we think of an occasion worth commemorating with a special card, chances are we will look for a suitable envelope to put it in. Hardly any one of us can imagine how they would rather receive their bills than in that trusty envelope.

But apart from the well-known conventional uses of this form of container, there are other ways envelopes can be put to use. In recycling that envelope instead of throwing it away you can boast in the knowledge that you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

The first is easy as pie to do; cut a corner of your envelope and slip into the novel you’re reading to mark the page you’ve reached. Voila! Your new bookmark! In the same vein you can acquire a new funnel for transferring salt into shakers and other such tasks; simply cut your envelope to the size you want, putting a hole in the corner.

Get organised and put your files in alphabetical order in the shelf and mark them using labels made from cut-up envelopes. Or if you’re a DIY enthusiast wondering how to minimise spillage of dust as you drill, you could put a used envelope underneath the place you’re drilling. Manila envelopes are very handy for paper crafts so instead of throwing them away, hand them to your kid and see what they can come up with!