5 Extraordinary Uses For Cardboard Boxes

12/06/2013 16:59

There is little doubt that cardboard boxes are by far the most popular of all the packing materials. After all, goods of all shapes and sizes can all make use of the box as a packing material. No matter how far or how long the journey might be, the box is always the ideal tool to use.

We all know that the box comes in many sizes. As a matter of fact, they do come in many several shapes, mainly to accommodate the goods. But, are there other uses of the box? The truth of the matter is that the boxes are actually very popular precisely because they do have a lot of uses. Here are the top 5 most unusual and most extraordinary uses of the box:

  1. Fort. Well, we are not talking here about the big war-like for the military. Although, the idea is pretty much the same, in playful terms. Children love to play in forts. This gives them the sort of independence from the home without being actually out of the house. How is this possible? First, you need to have an extensive collection of many boxes. The trick is to connect the boxes so that they form one unit with passages inside. Children love these a lot.
  2. Toy box. Many homes make use of the boxes as toy box. This is especially true with new families. Why would you buy an expensive toy organizer if you have a very cheap yet reliable cardboard box?
  3. Tool organizer. Whether you believe it or not, you can use the box as a, well, tool box. Of course, you have to be careful. It is advised that you modify your intended box so that they become thicker and stronger.
  4. Toys. Small boxes can actually be used as toys. If you are a very creative person, you will be able to come up with unique toys like robots or guns without spending a dime.
  5. Paper organizer. The box is as helpful at home as it is in the office. Documents which are in bulk are best placed in CARDBOARD BOXES for better organization.