5 examples of award winning packaging

13/09/2012 10:36

It is common knowledge that the correct packaging material can easily be the difference between the successful transportation of delicate objects and their arrival in an undesirable state. Before deciding on the type of material you will use to package objects always take into account some of the factors that can influence the security of your objects. These factors include the strength of the object that is being packed, its weight, worth and if there is a likelihood of the package coming into contact with moisture or any other unfriendly conditions.  If you aren’t certain about the amount of security that your objects will require, it is imperative for you to settle for the strongest packing material available.


 A perfect example of an award winning packaging material is definitely plastic. Plastic is the most regularly used material for packing goods and this can be attributed to its relatively low cost and lightweight.  What’s more it can be made in a wide range of forms and sizes thereby enabling a lot of companies to produce suitable packages that can be used for certain items.

Another type of packing material that can be used to package items is the cardboard box. These boxes have been in use since their inception in the 19th century and are still very widely used. Nowadays, cardboard boxes are often manufactured from corrugated fibreboard to increase their strength and steadiness without necessarily adding to the thickness and weight of the box. For those items that require increased protection, there is the availability of double walled boxes for this purpose.


When it comes to award winning packages, bubble wrap also ranks among the best. The main reason to as why bubble wrap is universally used to package items, is due to its efficiency in safeguarding delicate items without putting on any major weight or cost. For those little items or those that need extra protection the bubble wrap can basically be overlapped to bestow additional layers of cushioning.

Shrink wrap is another kind of package that is mostly utilised on commercial products in which safeguarding against tampering is a major priority.  Once the items have been wrapped, heat is applied so as to enable the wrap shrink fit.


Unknown to many people, tissue paper can also be utilised as a packaging material.  All you need to do is to use it in stuffing empty spaces in a container so that the packed objects don’t move around while in transit.