4 common, annoying objects that can cause packaging problems

30/08/2012 10:22

There are quite a large number of products that require cardboard packaging and transportation to various places which sometimes can prove to be a dangerous and difficult undertaking. In as much as packaging items is supposed to be a smooth, hassle free undertaking, occasionally situations arise when this process becomes a complicated matter. On some occasions you may need guidelines on just how to go about sending them in order to help you minimise the risk of the items being damaged while in transit.


 There are many items which are so annoying and can easily cause packaging problems. One such common object is liquid. Packaging liquids such as wine and flammable products can sometimes prove to be challenging, therefore adequate measures ought to be put in place so as to prevent other articles being transported from getting damaged. Objects such as beer or wine bottles should be safeguarded with bubble wrap and bagged in plastic so that in the unfortunate event where few bottles break; there will not be a spillage of liquid or broken glass all over the package.

With inflammable liquids, proper notification and labelling should be offered to the firm that will be used to transport them to prevent the risk of a catastrophe. In addition to this, they should be covered in a bag or a package that can prevent the leaking of the highly flammable liquid in case of an accident.


Heavy objects can also cause packaging problems. These objects can be hazardous to the person who is transporting them as they can easily fall on people or the other packages thereby destroying them. Where necessary, you should add some padding to such objects so that in the event that they fall their weight will be evenly distributed as they hit the ground. Some of the materials that you can use to pad these packages include bubble wrap, blankets or even Styrofoam peanuts. Packing heavy objects tightly is only prudent as it prevents them from moving too much thereby ensuring their safety.


Other annoying objects that have the knack of bringing about packaging problems include fragile goods such as paintings, porcelain or glass. Individually packaging and safeguarding each of the objects plays a vital role in ensuring that these objects remain safe and sound when being transported. The fourth annoying objects that can cause packaging problems are irregular objects which do not fit easily into conventional packaging.