A matchbox a day keeps the bad packaging away

19/03/2013 16:52

Matches are always useful. Whether you need them for a survival kit, working in a restaurant or at home to light candles or incase of power cuts. Not only are they one of the most basic sources of fire but they are also one of the most basic and consistent packaging designs around.

These packaging designs and decorations have been taken to a new level however, there are some fantastic examples of excellent match packaging around and here are some of my favourites.


Images from Pinterest

These Japanese creations have faces on the match heads themselves that match the hand drawn images on the front. The whole thing is cute and simple and will definitely give consumers a smile before being used.

vintage match boxes

These cute and colourful boxes have a clear colour theme and which gives them all a good feeling. Matchboxes make great promotional material as imagery and colour schemes transfer well onto them. They’re something everyone finds useful and are far less likely to be thrown away or forgotten about than a business card or pen.