A comparison of padded envelopes

13/11/2012 10:57

Gold padded envelopes are the best option when it comes to sending sensitive mail. Protection from most of the dangers is guaranteed; bumps, water, tears are all protected against. Padded envelopes come in several types each with a different strength.

Bubble bags are constructed using a tear resistant, high quality white paper exterior and a lightweight laminated bubble lining. This lightweight construction helps reduce postage costs. They are best used for fragile items such as DVDs and Jewellery. Padded bags on the other hand offer exceptionally strong protection for bulky or heavy items. They are manufactured from highly durable tear resistant and puncture resistant kraft paper and come with a double glued bottom flap for extra protection.

The Kraft Padded Bags come in a range of colours that are green, red, yellow, blue, orange and black and are available in three sizes. The Plain White Padded envelopes are perfect for quicker and easier solution to taping up and packing boxes when sending deliveries or parcels. This in turn can cut down the shipping cost as the weight is reduced. Furthermore, the standard sizes allow for shipping of an array of items of differing sizes and weights.

The arofol envelope has an extra layer of protection. It has a middle layer with air bubbles that make the envelope have a bubble wrap feel. The bubbles are a superior protection against shock and vibration. Extremely fragile items are best packed in arofol envelopes. There is a special type of envelope known as the bubble mailer which have nothing but bubble wrap for cushioning. They are very popular with items enclosed in casings such as DVD’s.

The jiffy padded envelopes are superior to the normal padded envelopes because of their extra layer of protection. They are also known as ‘mailtuff’ which are envelopes that are tear resistant and are especially good for mailing sharp edged or pointed items. They have a tight secure closure and are tamper proof padded to give the items extra protection and security. The envelopes are made from recyclable material that is biodegradable; this makes them very eco friendly.

The various types of padded envelopes are all efficient, however their costs vary. A store brand padded envelope could be cheaper than a name brand envelope, though the quality may not be the same.  Whatever the type of padded envelope you prefer, and whatever its contents, be sure that the mail will arrive in the same condition as when it was posted.